Cooking Classes in Phoenixville

Phoenixville is a fun city with great night life, restaurants and things to do!  But if you’re looking to plan a fun event In-Home, Let’s Cultivate Food is here to help make your planned evening a blast!  Gather your friends and family as you’re kitchen is about to get happy!  Whether a minimum group of 4 or as many more as you’d like, we’ll bring all the ingredients and anything else needed for your class.  Our fun, upbeat classes are both hands-on and demo.  It’s a great experience and the food tips and kitchen tricks you’ll learn will apply to your every day eating (and maybe to help you win trivia night someday)! If you’d like to come to our Manayunk studio for a date night, or with some friends or family, below is a schedule of the current classes we are offering. 


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