In a world where frenzy seems to be the new norm, Let’s Cultivate Food wants to share the great importance of recapturing moments of eating good, healthy & delicious food as you relax & restore your energy in our BRAND. NEW. Atrium Greenhouse. What better way to enjoy a great meal than to see how the ingredients are grown, then seasoned, cooked and lastly adored by you & your plus one while delighting in the comradery of incredible people JUST. LIKE. YOU.  As we share our food, gardening, kitchen pro-tips, composting, orchard, chickens & bees we hope to see you soon!
Zestfully, Let’s Cultivate Food

Cooking Classes

WELCOME to our new headquarters in Chester County!  Join us with a sense of adventure to fully experience cooking in nature. Our cooking classes are perfect for a great date night idea or a fun activity of bonding with friends and family. 

Sign up for a ‘limited date seasonally changing class’ from our Calendar or inquire about booking a private group event.  Our classes in the greenhouse sell out very quickly!  What makes us different is what makes us better.

Chef Curated Private Dinners

We set the scene for you to savor in the ambiance of nature’s landscape.  We welcome you to invite your most relished friends & family to enjoy deliciousness from our Gardens as your group gathers to take a seat at our table in our Atrium Greenhouse OR in the comforts of your table at home. 

Perfect for any celebration, we’ve always taken pride in using quality ingredients incorporating edible petals and herbs that we organically cultivate to showcase a meal around your special occasion. This is a trending activity.