“Let’s Cultivate Food” offers a fun approach to learning exotic cooking — from our signature beverages, to the
appetizers to the main entree in the comfort of YOUR home (or our studio)!  Our classes are engaging with tons of
tips and tricks along with learning hands-on ….  one-on-one tutorials…. LIVE!



 How does it work? 
First, please fill out some basic info on our →   COOKING CLASS INQUIRY FORM  with number of people, which menu,
location etc…  (form can also be found under ‘INQUIRES’ on the top of the website)  You’ll then receive a follow
up email with all the details in regards to your class based off of your info/selections.  Once a date/time is booked, 
we’ll send you 3 custom created menus just for you & your group to choose and adjust from based off any food 
allergies or restrictions.  A week prior to your class, you’ll receive an email with a few items to have ready. We do 
all the ingredient shopping for you but we’ll use your pots & pans, mixing bowls, utensils etc…  Once we arrive, 
we’ll present the live show for you as we all cook the feast together. Then the best part – EAT!  To make the
fairytale complete-  while you and your friends/family are discussing who’s the best cook, we’ll be cleaning and
getting your kitchen to sparkling clean!
 So, you ask, “what does it cost?” 
Great question! The prices for a private class is $75/pp with a minimum of 4 people for all menus except for the
Sushi making class which is $99/pp (we use an array of Sushi grade fish) We also have a small $28 travel fee when
we’re driving our to your home/space within the Greater Philadelphia area. If you’re +25miles/30min away from
our studio, the travel fee is $48 with a minimum of 6 people. If your group is less than 4 people – please consider
one of our intimate public classes in our studio. (Studio schedules can be found here →  MANYUNK CLASSES 
 Can I invite others and if so, how many people can I invite? 
You sure can! The sweet spot is 6-8 adults, although you can go as large as you want. We do about 200 cooking classes
a year and can work with any group size. If you wish to have a ‘night out’ and come out to our intimate and lofty studio,
we can seat up to 12 people comfortably at our pub style table.
 What should I wear? 
Whatever you have that brings out your creative cooking juices. We’ll bring the aprons that have our ‘punny’ sayings
for each person to borrow while cooking! “Chop it like it’s hot” or “Hey bro, do you even cook from scratch?” & more!
 Who does the cleaning afterwards? 
We do! Though……. we promise not to complain if you want to help! 
 When and how do I pay? 
The methods of payment we accept at this time are:
Paypal (3.5% fee)
Credit Card (3.5% fee)
Cash or Check
(We ask for payment prior to the class unless it’s check/cash which would be due at the start of class)
 What if I don’t like any of the menu choices posted? 
Simply choose ‘Custom’ on the inquiry form and enter the cuisine type, dishes or ingredient and we will be super
excited to create a specialized custom menu for you! I’ve mastered many things over the years of teaching 500+
cooking classes, so I’m well prepared if you choose to take this route!
Hands fully-on Cooking Classes throughout greater Philadelphia right in YOUR home or work place!  
by a former restaurant consultant, food blogger,  flavor creating goddess & former co-owner of a restaurant