LCF's Murder Mystery Dinners

Dun Dun Dun.

Get ready.. for a night of great fun with an interactive chef curated dinner!  For now,  you are ALL suspects… in what we believe…. has been a muuurder.

This 4-course Private Chef Dinner with lively story is currently limited to 6-8 guests at our LCF studio in Manayunk  slash Murder Mystery beach resort.

We also offer a little extra with a complimentary glass of wine & a beach themed cocktail.  We want you to enjoy and relax.. You’re on vacation at our resort, after all..  While being investigated for an atrocity that was committed by someone dining with us.

"We were all characters at this delicious dinner, set at a restaurant in a resort
- that's all the detective says I'm allowed to share".

"Cannot rave enough about [the experience]. Food was phenomenal and matched the "Murder Mystery" theme.
The whole night was expertly curated so there's never a dull moment."
Philadelphia Murder Mystery Dinner 1