Family Night at Home: Hibachi for 4 + Games

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Introducing family night delivered to your front door or curb-side pickup.  Where all you have to do is order and we’ll take care of the rest! (delivery charge applies)


Fire up the evening with a ‘Family Night’ at Home.

Family night may need a change-up from the ‘same old’ food delivery and board game blah.  Let’s Cultivate Food to the rescue!   Introducing FAMILY NIGHT at HOME delivered to your front door (small delivery fee) or curb-side pickup (at the Manayunk studio).  Our Family Night at Home Experience is a single purchase (not a monthly subscription), where all you have to do is click to order and we’ll take care of the rest!
Please note: These images are for the ‘Date Night for 2’ version/for reference.  You will be getting double the amount for the family edition + an extra hibachi grill.

Hibachi for 4 includes the following:
1.  (2) Mini Hibachi cast iron grills to keep for continued use (including fuel, matches, neutral oil to cook, instructions- the works)
2. Three different proteins already marinated and ready to get skewered and cooked:
(enough for 4 skewers of ea./12 tot): *Teriyaki oishi rib-eye* *Succulent garlic shrimp* *Ginger sesame chicken*)
3.  Japanese teriyaki noodles (for 4)
4.  Tokyo chopped salad with sesame ginger dressing (for 4)
5.  S’mores to toast for dessert (for 4)
6.   LCF Signature fruit & herb infused tea (2 quarts)
7.   Compostable & biodegradable bamboo plates, forks, knives + chopsticks & plenty of skewers
8.  Plus – (2) fun family night games to play after dinner (These games are Unexpectedly Different: Keeping things daring, fun & funny!)

Just like our Cooking Classes, we have higher ingredient standards along with organically
sourced ingredients whenever possible along with growing many herbs and veggies ourselves.

Plan for a 90 minute experience.

(Instructional video here)

Tanoshinde! (enjoy!)

*For wine drinkers: consider pairing our Japanese Hibachi with a Reisling, Sake, Prosecco or oaked Sauvignon Blanc

How do I get this Family Night at Home experience?
At set times on the event date, you can pick up your package curbside at our studio lot OR we can schedule delivery to you.  Extra cost for delivery would be:   $2 per mile from Main Street in Manayunk typically payable upon delivery. Please advise in the checkout notes if you would like delivery.

How do I see what I’m getting myself into before I buy?
Here’s an Instructional Video link
(video is for the date night version but for 4 will work the same way)

Where is the waiver?
Whaa?? A waiver?  Well, we were advised that it’s needed once unsupervised use of matches (in the Hibachi package) came into the picture.  And due to providing uncooked protein and other risks beyond our control for any package, you agree to the terms of the waiver by making this purchase.  Be safe!
(Waiver link here)

What is the refund policy?
As these packages are perishable we cannot allow refunds or credit.  Thanks for your understanding.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Please email us with any questions  →