Bee our 1st Guests 🐝 Greenhouse Events


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✨In the works and as promised!

…We will be running focus groups or known as ‘test runs’ for our Brand New Classes in our Greenhouse Space.

Like every event we run, we do focus group/test runs to make these eventually ‘live to the public’ events run as smoothly as possible.Β  ..And we need your help.Β  As these are the very 1st editions which will have bumps and rough edges, we need you, the public to help us iron out any kinks before going live.Β  This is a great opportunity for you to be the very 1st to attend these events and for us to get valuable feedback as to what is great and what to improve!

Our list of special ‘friends of LCF’ who have helped us out in the past, will be receiving an email soon for an invite.Β  For the rest of the public, we welcome you to purchase seats to these epic experiences if you wish..


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