Private Chef Dinners.  How does it work and what exactly does it entail? It’s pretty simple with Let’s Cultivate Food. 
First, fill out our →  PRIVATE CHEF DINNERS INQUIRY FORM  with some basic info. (# of people, cuisine, your location.. etc.) 
Then you’ll receive a follow up email with all the details. You’ll receive 3 custom created menus to choose/adjust from.
(If there are any food allergies/restrictions, we can take care of all of that) Once your date/time is booked & you choose a menu– 
a week prior, you’ll receive a list of the items to have ready. (eg: appetizer plates, dinner plates, pitcher for our  
complimentary signature beverage that we bring, silverware & a few
other items) We’ll bring all needed cookware and all
the fresh ingredients & seasonings. We’ll cook up a storm as you enjoy your favorite playlist with your favorite friends & family
in the comforts of your living/dining room. We’ll plate the food in either 4-courses OR 7-courses (depending on which you book)
and bring the food to you at the table for you to enjoy.  We do all the cleaning for you and get your kitchen to sparkling clean
as you sit & enjoy the ambiance of your space in your favorite chair AND you don’t have to drive home!
What a great way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, retirement or a relaxing night-in.


We provide Private Chef Dinners for 4-course dinners or 7-course dinners. The dinners are typically
individually plated with complete garnishing (eg: edible flowers, organic herbs that the chef personally grows, sauces..)
The pricing below reflects the gathering of the ingredients, purchasing of ALL the food, the prepping,
seasoning/marinating, the cooking, the serving in courses to you at the table and basic cleanup.                             

4-courses plated – $89/pp               7-courses plated – $125/pp

ROMAINE CALM and BOOK a Private Chef Dinner !