Let’s Cultivate Food’s Philadelphia Team Building Cooking Classes are a great way to encourage your employees to bond off site.  It’s time to take a break from the daily grind and learn creative kitchen skills and practical tips PLUS satisfy your taste buds!   

You’ll laugh, you may cry (while the onions are being cut) but mostly you’ll bond. Your experience will include: our crazy good infused tea (w. recipes), aprons to wear during the class, our cooking & kitchen tips & tricks, upscale setting with free off street parking, food trivia w. kitchen gadget prizes and a good time with yummy food. 

When you’re ready to get started, please fill out our Team Building Inquiry Form to get all the needed info and for your group closer to getting booked! 

(Our LCF Studio in Manayunk can currently accommodate 8-12 people)        Through July 2023, we have very limited dates remaining.                          Updated info on new location coming soon too! 

Team Building
SUSHI Rolling

Roll up your sleeves & learn to make Miso soup w. a seaweed broth, how to pickle ginger, prepare sushi rice & custom roll your own Sushi rolls with an array of veggies and 3 types of Sushi grade fish/seafood using garnishes, finishing sauces and more! 


Team Building KOREAN BBQ

Learn to fold Korean veggie dumplings  accompanied with our sweet chili dipping sauce, followed by marinating & cooking Korean BBQ ‘Bulgogi’ (sliced rib-eye) then wrapping in lettuce wraps (aka lettuce bombs) w. a miso & red pepper paste, sauteed garlic, & seasonal veggies.


Team Building
Drunken Thai Noodles

You’ll make a Thai green papaya salad with fresh & sundried tomatoes, snow peas & peanuts using key Thai ingredients. You’ll also cook firecracker shrimp skewers with sweet pineapple & lime wedges & Drunken Thai noodles with beef.


Team Building
Gourmet Appetizers

Learn how to cook and garnish some fun gourmet appetizers. Bacon wrapped flank steak lemongrass lollipops, Soba noodle salad in a sesame vinaigrette w. tomatoes, grapes and Strawberry & basil Crostinis with soft herbed cheese & our citrus balsamic reduction.


Team Building

Master the art of folding ‘pockets of goodness’. You’ll learn & cook 3 different types of dumplings; traditional & modern style: steamed, pan-fried pot-stickers & deep-fired. You’ll also learn how to make 2 dipping sauces to accompany the dumplings; our sweet duck sauce & our savory soy dipping sauce.


Team Building
Asian Street Food

Stir-fry some green noodles (made from broccoli & spinach) & glass noodles in a sweet & savory sesame- ginger sauce loaded with veggies topped with crushed fragrant sesame seeds, a sweet & spicy street food style Korean rice-cakes and lemongrass firecracker chicken skewers.


“We learned so many cooking & food tips. "Who knew" was said all day long. "

"I Googled team building cooking classes and Let's Cultivate Food came up. I am so glad I found them. My co-workers and I all had such a great time. We learned so many cooking and food tips. 'Who knew' was said all day long. The food was delicious and I got brownie points with my boss for coordinating."
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