Let's Get This Party Started!


Korean Fusion

  • Bulgogi’ (sliced ribeye) w. seasonal vegetables
  •  Kimchi fried rice w. carmelized onions,  veggies & bacon seasoned w. dry mustard, sea salt & organic herbs that we cultivate
  • LCF’s green noodle stir-fry w. veggies in a sweet & tangy sauce – can be spicy also (noodles made from broccoli & spinach)
  • Chopped salad w. purple cabbage, carrots, radish & organic greens in our sesame ginger vinaigrette
  • Dumplings w. hand shredded veggies w. our duck sauce
  • Korean fried chicken wings in a sweet, tangy & spicy sauce

Bash Appetizers

  • Veggie gazpacho shooters w. spicy shrimp tails sauteed in a garlic butter herb sauce
  • Spinach & artichoke w. cheese stuffed mushrooms accompanied w. our pea puree sauce
  • Buffalo chicken bites w. creamy blue cheese w. crumbles & crisp celery to accompany
  • Caprese skewers w. fresh tomatoes & mozzarella pearls in a basil pesto
  • Maple glazed bacon wrapped lemongrass lollipops
  • Tomato & basil Bruschetta marinated in our balsamic reduction & organic grown basil


  • Seafood Paella w. shrimp, Spanish chorizo & clams 
  • Mediterranean inspired fresh & sundried tomato salad w. cucumbers, feta cheese & sunflower seeds in our citrus balsamic reduction 
  •  Saffron infused Chicken on Spanish herbed rice 
  •  Greek herbed potatoes w. a Tzatziki lemon sauce 
  • Mediterranean pasta w. artichokes, mushrooms, olives & tomatoes w. Greek olive oil
  • Mixed Olives marinated w. Feta & balsamic vinegar  tapenade crostinis

Party Appetizers​

  • Everything bagel rolled – pigs in a blanket w. whispers of mustard 
  • Sliced roast beef stackers w. our wasabi cream sauce &  baby pickles skewered on a cracker
  • LCF 5-star Guacamole w. gourmet corn tortilla chips to accompany
  • Potato & 2 cheddar cheese Pierogies w. carmelized onions & our hickory smoked BBQ sauce 
  • Broccoli salad w. carrots, craisins, apples & sunflower seeds in our green goddess dressing
  • Garlic herb sauteed shrimp accompanied w. our sweet chili creamy dipping sauce

Asian Fusion

  • Asian Fusion Sriracha BBQ meatballs smothered in our hickory smoked sriracha bbq 
  • Drunken Thai noodles w. shrimp, mussels & clams in a sweet, spicy and aromatic sauce w. herbs
  • Mac & 3 cheese stuffed egg rolls w. our sriracha made ranch
  • Pork & ginger pot stickers w. house sesame soy dipping sauce
  • Chicken Satays in a coconut- peanut marinade w. a pineapple salsa
  • Green papaya salad w. shredded carrots, snow peas, tomatoes,  & peanuts in an earthy vinaigrette

Cibo Italiano

  • Caprese salad w. fresh heirloom & sun-dried tomatoes, marinated mozzarella pearls w. organic greens in a citrus balsamic vinaigrette
  • Sweet Italian sausages w. sauteed peppers & onions
  • Mozzarella stuffed meatballs in our fire roasted tomato sauce w.  herbs that we organically grow 
  • Baked 3-cheese Ziti w. ricotta, mozzarella & provolone in our marinara sauce
  • Chicken Piccata in a white wine lemon sauce w. capers & a lemon gremolata 
  • Italian garlic bread (w. olive oil & smoked garlic butter)

All menus are completely flexible and can be blended if desired. 

What does our party Catering come with?
Plates? Napkins? .... Drinks? Desserts?

Our catering comes with complimentary heavy disposable plates and utensils wrapped in napkins with personalized tags – should you want    the guest of honor’s name or celebratory words.  ie:  Congrats! (or)          Happy 40th Birthday, Jim! (or) Chloe’s Baby Shower. etc…  

We’ll provide needed chaffingware including sternos to keep the hot foods warm and anything else to complete your catered food setup.  Depending on what’s accessible and in season, we add our LCF display touches for a nice finished presentation.

Enhance your LCF catered food experience with ADD-ON items such as our hand-crafted seasonal Signature teas/lemonades & dessert trays.    ↓


MENU | Let's Get This Party Started! 1

Hand-crafted seasonal Signature Drinks | Market Price

  1. Strawberry, Mint infused Green Tea w. local Honey
  2. Orange, Cinnamon, Star Anise infused Green Tea w. local Honey
  3. Apple & Cinnamon infused Tea w. local Honey
  4. Strawberry & Basil infused tea w. local Honey
  5. Blended Fresh Pineapple Lemonade 
  6. Pink Cranberry Lemonade 
  7. Orange Guava Lemonade
    —– Available in Gallon sizes  —–

Desserts | Variety Trays $65 & $120

  1. Mini French macarons
  2. Tiramisu 
  3. Strawberry shortcake shooters
  4. Banana creme pie shooters
  5. Chocolate pudding Oreo shooters
  6. Mixed cut seasonal fruit in individual cups
  7. Cheesecake slices w. our 4 berry medley sauce   | market price          
    Mix (up to) 3 desserts (options 1-6)
    (Small trays serve 20-25) – (Lg trays serve 35-40)

GREAT FOOD.          GREAT PRICES.         ALL MENUS CAN BE CUSTOMIZED.          WE CATER TO ALL DIET TYPES.                   $36-$46/pp