Let's Get This Party Started! Menu

Korean Fusion

  1. ‘Bulgogi’ (sliced ribeye) w. seasonal vegetables
  2.  Kimchi fried rice w. veggies & bacon
  3. ‘Japchae’  glass noodles in a savory sauce w. spinach, mushrooms, carrots & peppers
  4. Chopped salad w. organic greens, red cabbage, carrots, edamame w. a ginger sesame vinaigrette
  5. Dumplings w. hand shredded veggies w. our duck sauce
  6. Korean fried chicken wings in a sweet & spicy sauce

Cibo Italiano

  1. Caprese salad w. fresh heirloom & sun-dried tomatoes, marinated mozzarella pearls w. organic greens in a citrus balsamic vinaigrette
  2. Sweet Italian sausages w. peppers & onions
  3. Italian meatballs smothered in scratch made fire roasted marinara sauce
  4. Baked 3-cheese Ziti w. our tomato sauce & ricotta
  5. Chicken Piccata in a white wine lemon sauce w. capers & sauteed garlic 
  6. Italian garlic bread (w. olive oil & smoked garlic)

Spanish-Mediterranean Fusion

  1. Fresh & sundried tomato salad w. cucumbers & feta cheese  in a citrus balsamic reduction vinaigrette 
  2.  Saffron infused Chicken on Spanish herbed rice 
  3.  Mediterranean pasta w. artichokes, mushrooms, olives & tomatoes
  4.  Greek potatoes w. a Tzatziki sauce 
  5. Seafood Paella w. shrimp, Spanish chorizo & clams 
  6. Olive tapenade crostini

Hickory Smoked BBQ

  1. 6-hour hickory slow roasted BBQ brisket
  2. Hickory smoked sausages w. peppers & onions
  3. Broccoli salad w. apples, craisins & sunflower seeds
  4. BBQ green beans ‘n bacon
  5. Homemade corn suspended cornbread 
  6. Earl’s slow cooked sweet & tangy BBQ beans

Party Apps

  1. Veggie gazpacho w. spicy shrimp tails
  2. Crab, spinach, artichoke & cheese stuffed mushrooms
  3. Buffalo chicken bites w. blue cheese & celery
  4. BBQ smoked beef bites w. a bbq sauce (hickory smoked)
  5. Caprese skewers w. fresh tomatoes & mozzarella pearls in a basil pesto
  6. Maple glazed bacon wrapped lemongrass lollipops

Asian Fusion

  1. Asian Fusion Sriracha BBQ meatballs
  2. LCF’s green noodle stir-fry w. veggies in a sweet & tangy sauce – can be spicy also (noodles made from broccoli & spinach)
  3. Mac & 3 cheese stuffed egg rolls w. a sriracha ranch
  4. Spicy jumbo shrimp tails cooked in a herbed butter
  5. Pork & ginger pot stickers w house sesame soy dipping sauce
  6. Pad Thai Noodles 

French Flair

  1. French Coq au Vin Chicken in a red wine sauce
  2. Ratatouille w. eggplants, zucchini, squash & tomatoes
  3. Mussels steamed in a garlic & white wine sauce w. a lemon gremolata
  4. Roasted beet salad w. goat cheese, walnuts & a Dijon vinaigrette
  5. French Green beans w. sauteed mushrooms & bacon
  6. Cheddar dill puffs

Walking Taco Bar

  1. 5-star Guacamole w. gourmet chips
  2. Smoked pulled pork (smoked w. hickory)
  3. BBQ pulled chicken
  4. Chiffonade lettuce w. mixed greens
  5. Diced seasoned pico de gallo
  6. Shredded cheese off the block, sour cream & crunchy corn & soft flour shells

All menus are completely flexible and can be blended if desired. 

Infused Drinks | market price

  1. Strawberry, Mint infused Green Tea w. local Honey
  2. Orange, Cinnamon, Star Anise infused Green Tea w. local Honey
  3. Apple & Cinnamon infused Tea w. local Honey
  4. Strawberry & Basil infused tea w. local Honey
  5. Blended Fresh Pineapple Lemonade 
  6. Pink Cranberry Lemonade 
  7. Three Berry Lemonade
    —– Available in Gallon sizes  —–

Desserts | Variety trays $30, $55 & $120

  1. Mini French macarons
  2. Tiramisu cupcakes
  3. Strawberry shortcake shooters
  4. Banana creme pie shooters
  5. Chocolate pudding Oreo shooters
  6. Mixed cut seasonal fruit in individual cups
  7. Cheesecake slices w. a berry medley sauce   | market price          
    Mix (up to) 3 desserts (options 1-6)
    (Sm trays serve 8-10) – (Med trays serve 18-20) – (Lg trays serve 50)

GREAT FOOD.          GREAT PRICES.         ALL MENUS CAN BE CUSTOMIZED.          WE CATER TO ALL DIET TYPES.                   $36-$46/pp