Let's Get This Party Started! Menu

Southern BBQ

  1. 8 hour slow roasted BBQ pulled pork
  2. Hot Tennessee chicken wings
  3. Apple spiked coleslaw
  4. BBQ green beans ‘n bacon
  5. Homemade corn suspended corn bread 
  6. Earl’s slow cooked BBQ beans

Cibo Italiano

  1. Caprese skewers w basil pesto
  2. Sweet sausage w peppers & onions
  3. Classic Ceasar salad w homemade croutons
  4. Baked 3-cheese Ziti w marinara & ricotta
  5. Chicken Piccata w garlic, capers, & lemon sauce
  6. Italian bread (w virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar)

Walking Taco Bar

  1. 5-star Guac & Salsa w gourmet chips
  2. Smoked pulled pork
  3. BBQ pulled chicken
  4. Chiffonade lettuce w. mixed greens
  5. Diced seasoned pico de gallo
  6. Shredded cheese off the block, Sour cream & Crunchy corn & soft flour shells

Korean-Chinese Fusion

  1. Bulgogi (sliced tender ribeye) w seasonal vegetables
  2. LCF’s green lo-mein noodles w julienne vegetables (noodles from broccoli & spinach)
  3. Apricot glazed salmon on a bed of sesame kale
  4. Pickled cucumber style kimchi salad w greens
  5. Vegetable filled dumplings w house duck sauce
  6. Korean fried chicken wings 

Asian Fusion

  1. Asian Fusion Sriracha BBQ meatballs
  2. Crazy bacon & pineapple fried rice
  3. Mac & cheese stuffed egg rolls w 3 cheeses
  4. Shrimp cucumber bites w avocado & sriracha aoili
  5. Chicken & ginger pot stickers w house soy dipping sauce
  6. Pad Thai Noodles w tofu

Brunch Foods

  1. Bagel tower w sun-dried & plain cream cheese
  2. French toast casserole w berry maple syrup
  3. Egg frittata w peppers, mushrooms & spinach
  4. Sausage links – breakfast style
  5. Roasted potatoes, peppers & onions hash
  6. Baked apples w cinnamon

Infused Drinks | market price

  1. Strawberry, Basil infused Green Tea w. Honey
  2. Orange, Cinnamon & Star Anise infused Green Tea w. Honey
  3. Berry Medley Lemonade
  4. Apple, Cinnamon & Mint infused Tea w. Honey
  5. Tomato Basil Water (Organic & infused for 72hrs)
  6. Fresh Pineapple Blended Lemonade
  7. Cranberry Pink Lemonade
  8. Cucumber Pear & Herbs Water (Organic & infused for 72hrs)

Desserts | Variety trays $30 & $50

  1. Mini Macarons    
  2. Mixed cut seasonal fruit in individual cups
  3. Strawberry cheesecake shooters
  4. Tiramisu cupcakes
  5. Banana creme pie shooters
  6. Chocolate mint chocolate shooters
  7. Cheesecake slices w. a berry compote
  8. Dessert Grazing Table with a mixed array of desserts

GREAT FOOD.          GREAT PRICES.         ALL MENUS CAN BE CUSTOMIZED.          WE CATER TO ALL DIET TYPES.                   $30-$40/pp