Grazing tables

Eat to your heart's desire

Let’s Cultivate Food specializes in Grazing tables for luncheons, corporate parties, wedding cocktail hour,  parties in your home or at a Venue for any occasion.

Grazing table prices range from $15/pp – $30/pp depending on quantity and type of meal/food.  We have Brunch tables, standard (20+ item) appetizer tables, and bite sized (heartier meal) dinner grazing tables.

Infused Drinks | market price

  1. Strawberry, Basil infused Green Tea w. Honey
  2. Orange, Cinnamon & Star Anise infused Green Tea w. Honey
  3. Berry Medley Lemonade
  4. Apple, Cinnamon & Mint infused Tea w. Honey
  5. Tomato Basil Water (Organic & infused for 72hrs)
  6. Fresh Pineapple Blended Lemonade
  7. Cranberry Pink Lemonade
  8. Cucumber Pear & Herbs Water (Organic & infused for 72hrs)

Desserts | Variety trays $30 & $50

  1. Mini Macarons    
  2. Mixed cut seasonal fruit in individual cups
  3. Strawberry cheesecake shooters
  4. Tiramisu cupcakes
  5. Banana creme pie shooters
  6. Chocolate mint chocolate shooters
  7. Cheesecake slices w. a berry compote
  8. Dessert Grazing Table with a mixed array of desserts

GREAT FOOD.          GREAT PRICES.         ALL MENUS CAN BE CUSTOMIZED.          WE CATER TO ALL DIET TYPES.                   $15-$30/pp