Chef 's Tasting Dinners

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13 Years

Providing the highest level dining experience by blending a modern vibe with beautiful presentations in unique food events unlike any other.

Let's Cultivate Food,
is dedicated to...

staying ahead of the curve in executing simple but flavorful food that create bursts of joy in each bite – tasty, fun as well as giving it something a little extra.

Unlike fashion where there’s a new line of clothing every year;  our farming community doesn't offer to us new lines of agriculture each season. So, our every day challenge is to get new flavors, aromas, and aesthetics to work in harmony using accessible and some not-so-accessible ingredients. 

Everyday to us is a blank canvas waiting to be painted and every so often, what we've created needs to be shared and showcased. Only a 9-course tasting menu will offer such a rewarding opportunity to present you with our best work in theme.

While chef Yoon was first recognized for her creativity with Asian Fusion ingredients, she can also rock classic Spanish, French and Italian dishes.  Come see for yourself with this intimate celebration of flavors at our Manayunk studio.  Very limited seating (set at 4 couples) and limited engagements for these special events.

9-Courses of our Chef ‘s Tasting Dinner
+ 3 Wine Pairings
     JANUARY 30TH | 7PM

Celebrate with a delicious 9-course Chef’s Tasting menu and 3 wine pairing in a personable  & admirable setting.


Tastes of Thailand
Chef ‘s Tasting Dinner
+ 3 Wine Pairings
     MARCH       27TH | 7PM

Escape to Bangkok without needing a plane ticket.  Ambiance and the careful balance of true Thailand flavors await you.  


Valentine’s Special Catch 9-Course Dinner + 3 Wine Pairings      Sold Out  Private Party

Enjoy an incredible evening tantilizing all of your senses this Valentines enjoying our ‘Special Catch’ menu with your Special Someone in a hipster yet romantic vibe.


"The food was amazing and we literally had the best time"

"My fiance surprised me for my birthday at a dinner with Chef Yoon & Chef Mike. It was 9 courses of beautifully plated food that was so delicious. It was the best birthday dinner and gift I've ever received."