September 18, 2014

In-Home Class cooking for a Grandmother's Birthday!

What a great way to celebrate Grandma's birthday
or anyone's birthday for that matter!

Spend time together learning a few food, kitchen tips and tricks
while enjoying and eating the easy fruits of your labor.

We had a family---- get together to have a fully hands-on
In-Home Cooking Class cooking up a Dumplings menu.

Sometimes, more often than not- kids love to get involved 
just as much as the adults!

Learning to tuck your fingers in as we cut some shiitake mushrooms for the 
mixed mushroom and parsley dumpling.

Dicing the good 'ole onion...

"YES! We made our first dumpling!"

This family loves winning and creating things!  Winner of food trivia tonight!

Zestfully Let's Cultivate Food

September 11, 2014

Cooking the 'Tapas and Apps' menu

Another completed In-Home Cooking Class.

This wonderful group gathered  together to celebrate
a birthday. The menu that they chose was the
"Tapas and Apps" menu which consisted of:

Vietnamese summer rolls
Mozzarella cheese egg rolls w marinara sauce
Roasted garlic cheesy pull apart bread
Veggie Dumplings  and
Strawberry and basil crostinis



Zestfully Let's Cultivate Food