August 17, 2015

Why are some sticks of butter long and some short?

Have you ever wondered or noticed that sticks of butter come in different sizes?
Some are long and some are fat and not as long?  In a nutshell...

You will notice and be familiar with one size versus
the other size depending on which coast you are on.
Yup, another East coast versus the West coast
except no battle here. That's good right!?!--
since battles often are not good unless it's a lip sync battle.
Don't worry I won't start going off on a tangent.

Back in the early 1960's there was a shortage of milk
in the West coast so milk was used just for milk and there
wasn't really any extra for cheeses, butter and such.

The West coast was a little behind than the East coast
and the machinery used could only make them in the
shorter, fatter size especially since there was a shortage
it worked at the time.

Although there is no shortage on the West coast anymore
especially since most of our dairy often comes from California
nowadays... they just stuck with the original sizes.

The longer ones are called "Elgins" simply because
that was the name of the company that made the long sticks
and the shorter ones are often called "Western stubbies"

Lastly, the box that the butter comes in was revolutionary
back in the day simply because it actually kept the
butter a little fresher longer than the tubs and cheese cloths
that they were originally wrapped in.

Basic measurements for butter are:
1 stick is equal to the following...
1/2 cup = 8 tablespoons = 1/4 lb

Zestfully Let's Cultivate Food

August 4, 2015

No bake... Coconut Ball Dessert

I love desserts like many, many people do.
I especially love cake. Birthday cake,
chocolate cake, vanilla cake, graduation cake,
holiday cake, retirement cake,
the occasion doesn't matter.
Cake is cake. Right!?!

I loved baking cake so much one year
that my family banned me from making
cakes. Yes, banned me from making cakes.
Crazy right!?  What kind of messed up family
is that right!?   Well, I will say that they were
4 layered cakes with pies baked inside them
and such. A little extreme I guess.

I will happily say that I'm allowed to make
cakes now especially during holidays. Yay!

I must want to eat some cake I guess
because today I wanted to share a no-bake
coconut ball snack dessert.
.... not a cake... go figure!?!!

When you are cooking for immediate
family that have special diets-
it's definitely not easy.
In my family we have both Celiac and
Diabetes that I have to consider when
cooking. Yep, that's right-
both sugar free and gluten free. Yikes!
Most food is not too tough
but when it comes to desserts-
it's definitely not an easy task.

Here is a no-bake dessert snack that is both
Gluten free and sugar free.  :)

~ 3 cups of unsweetened shredded coconut
~ 6 TBSP of coconut oil
~ 1/4 cup of sugar substitute  (20 TBSP)
    ( I like stevia because it's made from
     a natural plant--- called stevia)
~ 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
~ sprinkle of salt

gently blend all the ingredients together using
a fork or spoon and roll into balls
or whatever shape you think you'd most enjoy.

You don't have to refrigerate them
to harden or anything...
but you can if you'd like them a little chilled.

You can also garnish them with chopped nuts
or sunflower or even sesame seeds if you wish!

Zestfully Let's Cultivate Food